Reviving Retro: Restoring Air Jordan 3s with Back Tab Replacement

Reviving Retro: Restoring Air Jordan 3s with Back Tab Replacement

When the back tab of your beloved Air Jordan 3 breaks, it can feel like the end game for your cherished sneakers. However, there’s good news – there’s a solution to restore them to their former glory. We specialize in carefully replacing broken back tabs, ensuring that your Air Jordan 3s look as good as new.

Our process begins with the delicate removal of the old, damaged back tab. Using precision tools and techniques, we take great care to extract the broken piece without causing any further harm to the shoe. Once the old back tab is removed, we meticulously prepare the area for the replacement.

With a new back tab in hand, we ensure that it matches the original in size, shape, and color. This replacement piece is carefully positioned and aligned with the shoe, guaranteeing a seamless integration. We then apply expert craftsmanship to securely attach the new back tab to your Air Jordan 3.

Our attention to detail extends to the final step – stitching. Using precision stitching techniques, we carefully sew the new back tab into place, ensuring a durable and long-lasting bond. This meticulous process not only restores the functionality of your sneakers but also maintains their original aesthetic appeal.

At the end of our restoration process, your Air Jordan 3s will look and feel as good as they did when you first laid eyes on them. With a professionally replaced back tab, you can continue to enjoy wearing your favorite sneakers for years to come, knowing that they’ve been expertly restored to their former glory.

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