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Quick Wipes (Pack of 15)

Quick Wipes (Pack of 15)

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Our premium 15-Pack Quick Wipes are made for convenient, on-the-go cleans! 15 dual-sided wipes per box. 1 wipe per sneaker. Every wipe is individually packed and sealed, locking in the superior cleaning solution that helps to clean dirt, stain and marks.

With an optimized formula and function, we’ve taken every step possible to ensure a state-of-the-art clean on the go. Tackle tough dirt with the textured side, and wipe away excess stains with the smooth side. Our resilient wipes won't disintegrate during even the most stubborn of cleans, and each wipe is conveniently sized, making them ideal for travel bags, gym bags, suitcases, purses, pockets!

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  • Bang for your Buck

    The ultimate value. One single box comes with 15 premium wipes. 1 wipe per sneaker is all it takes to clean away dirt, stains and marks.

  • Dual-Sided Wipes

    That means double the surface area for superior cleaning. Tackle stubborn dirt with the tough side and wipe away excess stains with the smooth side.

  • Portable

    Conveniently sized and ready to use. Indivually wrapped and sealed. Ideal for travel bags, gym bags, suitcases purses, even pockets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just use baby or wet wipes?

Sneakerse's wipes are specialized for shoes! Each wipe is deeply immersed and sealed in our optimized cleaning formula with dual sides, one with textured spots to tackle stubborn dirt and one with a smooth surface for general cleaning. Our wipes are also tested for quality and durability. This means they are able to combat the most stubborn of cleans without disintegrating.

Can I use the wipes on suede or nubuck?

We do not recommend using them on suede and nubuck as these materials are not equipped to take moisture.

Can the textured side of the wipes ruin the material of my shoes?

Our wipes are ideal for cleaning up stains on leather and touching up all sneakers, and won’t damage those materials.

Do the wipes contain any dyes?

No, these wipes including their cleaning solution do not contain any dyes whatsoever, so they're safe to use.

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